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Welcome to Ivanhoe!

Each year, the Minnesota Department of Education honors those schools that have the highest MMR ratings and declare them "reward" schools. The Multiple Measurements Rating (MMR) is 0 to 100% for all schools in the state and includes data on proficiency, growth, achievement gap reduction and graduation rates. Our MMR rating was 90.11% for our elementary school, which is among the top 15% in the state of Minnesota.

Lincoln Elementary is a Pre-School through Grade 6 facility located in Southwestern Minnesota 22 miles west of Marshall and 15 miles east of the Minnesota/South Dakota state line. We pride ourselves on offering small class sizes, as well as an up-to-date, comprehensive curriculum. Our building was renovated in 2009 and houses our students in a comfortable geo-thermo-climate-controlled facility. Our classrooms are all equipped with Smart Boards and ipads for the greatest interactive opportunities available. We welcome you to Ivanhoe and look forward to many exciting academic successes.

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