Welcome to Transportation!

Thank you to our bus drivers!  They make sure that students arrive safely and are dedicated to our students.  They know the ins and outs about places to get students.  We are grateful for their dedication to get up early, face challenging weather, and road conditions.  They are often the first faces our students see and the last face they see at the end of the day.  Bus drivers make a difference in the lives our students, staff, and families.  The work isn't glamorous and often goes unnoticed, but we are very thankful for all of them.  Please join us in thanking our drivers and recognizing their service! 

All bussing for Lincoln Elementary School is contracted through 4.0 Bussing. Justin Knutson is the manager of the Minneota fleet. 

If you have questions or concerns he can be reached at: Phone: (320-226-2719) or email for 4.0 Bus Service